Pricing Options

Meritus gives our clients two ways to structure the purchase contract: Fixed price contracts, and a new option called Meritus Select. Here’s how they work.

The Fixed Price Approach
The idea of the fixed price arrangement is simple. Based on our extensive knowledge of construction materials, as well as the entire building process, Meritus establishes a guaranteed price for your home. Once your price is contracted, our promise to you is that it will not go up. The only way you’ll pay more for your home than the contracted price is if you sign a formal Work-Change Order and agree to a new set price.

With the fixed price approach, it’s our responsibility to keep your new home within the budget you’ve established. This puts the burden of cost containment on and allows you to enjoy the construction period knowing your price is guaranteed.

The Meritus Select Approach
Meritus Select was developed for those who want the most competitive pricing in the early stages of construction, but want virtually unlimited access to the top tier of appliances, flooring, plumbing, etc.

So in this case, Meritus would provide a guaranteed cost for site work, foundation preparation, framing, insulation, windows, doors and roofing. After that, we will work with the client to research and help select lighting fixtures, appliances, countertops, kitchen appliances and bath decor and other items that make your new home so unique!

For more information about the specifics of both options, please contact us by email or call us at 888-701-1717.